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What is a moderators role?

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What is a moderators role?

Post by Elliwhi on Sun Dec 13, 2009 8:33 am

A Moderator's Role

* Moderate forums and make sure that the users post within the guidelines.
* Suggest and organize forum and server related events.
* Encourage discussions and intelligent discussions.
* Reward users when they deserve it.

You are encouraged to join the Forum Team if you are

* A helpful person who loves to contribute for the MLN Team Community.
* A person that can control his/her emotions when on duty.
* A person who can express well in English.
* A person who treats people with respect and also listens to orders from the authorities.
* A person with the patience and the love to read.
* A person who does not lose his/her passion easily.
* A systematic person who is trustable and responsible.

You are not advised to join the Forum Team if you are

* A person who loses passion easily, gives up easily and hates to read.
* A person who does not like to help out or contribute to the MLN Team Community.
* A person who is careless, irresponsible, disoriented, impatient or easily angered.
* A person who has problems expressing himself/herself.
* A person that find difficulties working in a team.
* A person that is easily misunderstood.
* A person who thinks highly of himself and looks down upon others.
* A person who has multiple warnings or bans.

You will be expected to

* Be a helpful person who loves to contribute for the MLN Team Community.
* Be a normal, active, and contributing MLN Team member.
* Be courteous and respectful to the members.
* Delete spam posts
* Enforce forum rules accordingly, and follow instructions.


* Applying does not mean that you will become a moderator.
* If your application is declined, you may reapply when applications are being accepted.
* Moderating takes time and effort. It is not all fun and games.
* Moderators are volunteers. They are not paid. They dedicate themselves to MLN Team solely because they want to help grow the community.

All applications will be reviewed over the course of several days to a couple of weeks after they are posted. A sure way to VOID your application is to private message an administrator telling them that your application has not been reviewed.

There also may be times when MLN Team does not need any additional moderators. If that is the case, your application will remain in "pending" status and you will be notified.

Good luck!

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