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Post by Elliwhi on Sun Dec 13, 2009 8:33 am

MLN HELP SOCIETY now has a new way of recruiting moderators -- through applications.

I have received several requests for moderators this week. We happen to be currently reviewing them and have not closed the selection process. (if you have already applied - DO NOT REAPPLY -This is just for those who have not submitted an application)

Please read the following BEFORE posting:

Please understand, however, that this is not just a casual process. Each application will be reviewed thoroughly and many will be declined. Please do not get upset if you are declined. Anyone who is interested in becoming a moderator please reply with the following information. A few will be selected from this, to complete the MODERATOR TEST, which will in a private forum.

1. What is your MLN HELP SOCIETY username?
2. How long have you been on MLN?
3. MLN Name and Rank
4. Are you an admin on another forum and if so, which one? and for how long?
5. Are you a mod on another forum and if so, which one? and for how long?
6. Are you 13 or older? (do not post your age, you must be 13 or have written permission from parents)
7. Why do you want to be a mod on this forum?

Any postings that do not have the following information will be removed as SPAM.


PS. If you are about to take the test please make sure you have a green bar for your warnings.

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